The Jason Scarsdale Series

Price of Justice

Book 1

Secret agendas, deception, revenge and murder abound when a high-profile murder investigation begins to spin out of control. For Detective Jason Scarsdale and crime analyst Dani Mueller, the consequences of failure are unimaginable. But Mueller hides a deadly secret which threatens to unravel the entire investigation. When his beloved daughter, Shannon, is abducted by the killer and Mueller is kidnapped, Scarsdale faces the ethical dilemma of his career and his life, and is forced to rethink the value of playing by the rules.

…fast-paced police drama…well-constructed and realistic…
Kirkus Reviews
Dennis Lehane fans looking for their next crime thriller should check out this authentic and searing tale…


Book 2

The stakes soar, both professionally and personally, for Austin PD Detective Jason Scarsdale as he finds himself in a race against time to hunt down a vicious gang hell-bent on murder. Realizing that his new partner, the attractive divorcee Tatum Harper, could be trouble in more ways than one, he tries to run her out of Homicide. Will their partnership destroy his romantic relationship with long-time girlfriend Dani Mueller? Will they both survive the harrowing face-off with the increasingly unhinged gang leader?

Precise and unequivocally gripping; an edge-of-your-seat ride from beginning to end.
Kirkus Reviews

Rampage is an authentic and richly detailed police procedural.
—C.J. Lyons, New York Times bestselling author

No More Lies

Book 3

Austin Police Department detective Jason Scarsdale traveled to Washington D.C. for an in-person job interview with the U.S. Marshals. Or at least that’s what his wife, Dani Mueller, believes. But when Jason fails to return to their hotel, and Dani reports him missing, she’s told that everything she knows to be true is wrong. The Marshals claim they’ve never heard of Jason. The person he was supposed to interview with doesn’t exist. And interviews for Deputy Marshal positions are never conducted in that location. Did Dani’s husband lie to her about where he was going? Was Jason set up in some kind of elaborate scheme of deception? Or is Dani herself not telling the truth about what happened?

An absorbing and ingeniously crafted mystery that will hold readers captive until the very last chapter.