The Claire Deveraux Series

Every Silent Thing

Book 1 coming soon

Claire Deveraux, born deaf, visits the Louvre in Paris after beginning her new job at the U.S. Embassy. But the famous museum holds a secret. One Claire learns from a woman dying from a gunshot wound. It’s a secret which will change her life. To add to her distress, Claire’s identical twin, Megan is being hunted by cartel killers after selling off a cache of stolen diamonds. Using the money, she flees to Paris. Claire must now find a way to help her sister stay alive while keeping her own heart beating as the Louvre killer closes in.

Never Say A Word

Book 2 coming soon

A political storm erupts when Claire Deveraux, a deaf employee of the U.S. Embassy in France, is abducted at a conference in Rome. The kidnapper, Franco Lazzari, is a wealthy pharmacist who has been scouring Italy for the perfect wife. Unable to hear, and with time against her, Claire must use all of her wits to escape Lazzari’s remote home in the Italian countryside. Yet neither Claire nor the police know the actual danger she is in. Lazzari is in league with a senior official at the U.S. embassy—a man who is willing to leverage all of his clout to stop Claire from being found.

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