Author Alan Brenham
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Hidden Intentions

Hidden Intentions

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The line between good and evil is razor thin.

A teenage girl sneaks into an old abandoned house on a dare, but her mission quickly goes sideways. Bound and whisked away, a terrified Cailey relies on her own resourcefulness and extraordinary bravery to find ways to survive. She escapes, but her kidnappers are close on her heels. That's when she has to decide what she must do in order to stay alive.

Her parents experience their own torments. To satisfy the kidnapper's demands, her father is forced to make an impossible choice. His daughter's life or that of another. He has seven days to do it. Realizing time is running out, Cailey's mother decides that the only way to save her daughter is to risk it all.

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"An arresting, intelligently crafted drama... darkly atmospheric and deeply unsettling."

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